Being involved in an accident can be a very traumatic experience and your nerves often get the better of you at the time. The problem arises later when one has to report the accident to the police or lodge a claim with your insurance company and you realize that you are not in possession of all the relevant information that is required.

We have prepared a simple guide on what to do if you are involved in an accident and have included a form where you can jot down all the particulars about the accident.

Our law states that if you are involved in or contribute to an accident on a public road in which a person is killed or injured or suffers damage in respect of his or her property or an animal, you must do the following:

You do not have to stop or report an accident if you only damage your vehicle. For example, if you crash into a tree, you need not stop or report the accident. However if you cause damage to property, such as a car or a light pole, you must stop and report the accident to the police.